The Observatory of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) aims to be established as a permanent point of reference and actual fore-thinking regarding the current concept and developments in the field of RRI. RRI is fast changing with revolutionary technologies and attitudes towards them still developing (including, particularly, attitudes about what would constitute responsible innovation). The Responsibility project will maintain relevance and impact over a longer period by producing and maintaining an Observatory of RRI.  This Observatory will be a repository of findings from the project, but will also be designed to harness the involvement of the broader network of researchers and innovators to provide information on:

  • Current and emerging technologies and the issues they are likely to raise for RRI
  • Governance arrangements suitable for addressing RRI
  • Case studies, examples of good practice and training materials in RRI

These last two will be designed in such a way that research and innovation in one field can learn from good practice in another field.  A snapshot will be taken of them at M26 of the project and synthesised as a major input into the best practice guide.

The Observatory will be evaluated and seeded by the network and will then be opened up to the global RRI community.

The Observatory will allow researchers to identify areas in need of more detailed research and it will identify where public engagement on particular issues might be relevant.

Link to the Observatory beta version.