The Project


The goal of the RESPONSIBILITY project is to develop a virtual observatory for enhancing the interaction among research outcomes and policy making, making use of the full potential of scientific achievements to be incorporated in the policy development and implementation. Furthermore, it will articulate in plain language policy reports with specific outcomes and practical solutions.

  • The implementation of a Think-Tank will be an effective mechanism of grasping the innovative trends in the cognitive science and the foresight activities will provide useful feedback to the experts forums.
  • The public consultation of research and market experts in an organised way (answers to questionnaires and discussions over a specific research question).
  • The public consultation with the researchers, industry experts and the policy makers for the economic, social and ethical issues derived from innovative technological solutions’ deployment.
  • The public consultation with the citizens on ethical and social questions, reflecting society‚Äôs perception on societal challenging research issues.
  • The interviews with opinion leaders.
  • The provision of an online database with concise reports, studies, interviews, visualised research projects acting as a reference material, especially dedicated to each specific group (e.g. researchers, policy makers, market experts and businessmen, general public). Each group will have access to the specific relevant material.