The RESPONSIBILITY project aims to create a network of stakeholders that would adopt and diffuse a common understanding in RRI between different actors in Europe and around the globe.  In doing so it will develop a model and provide a tool for international cooperation, involving the societal, policy and research stakeholders to these activities. It intends to provide practical means and structure a crucial interaction between society and research, providing a set of recommendations and tools to policy makers and active RRI stakeholders in order to take the necessary measures to nest responsible research and innovation into products and services from the very beginning.

The RESPONSIBILITY project has the scope to create a virtual Observatory of responsible research and Innovation as a means to develop a structure that would support the enhancement of common understanding and the diffusion of knowledge and the deployment of practical tools. It would also assist the societal stakeholders to have an organised virtual place where the practical and theoretical information will be easily assessable and usable. The building blocks of the RESPONSIBILITY project are indicated in the figure below:

Public Deliverables

D2.1 – Network of Networks

D2.3 – RRI Pool of cases and their application

D2.4 – Theoretical Landscape

D3.2 – Forum Implementation Report

D3.3 – Briefings Report

D3.4 – RRI package including guidelines

D4.1 – OBSERVATORY Decriptive Report


D4.4 – Monitoring Report

D4.5 – RRI Guidelines

D4.6 – Observatory Handbook

D5.2 – Assessment Report

D6.2 – Policy Brief RRI for Security

D6.3 – Dissemination Dossier

D6.5 – Events Proccedings