Responsibility related videos


RESPONSIBILITY related videos

RRI Conference, 14-15 January 2016


Opening Session
RRI Shaping New Horizons

Session A:
Responsibility bridging the gap between science and society

Session B:
The benefits of inclusive RRI

Session C:
The Craftsmanship of RRI: mainstreaming and institutionalizing RRI?

RRI Open Space, Day 1
How can RRI enter the real world?

Workshop A:
Governance in RRI: a New Political Horizon?

Workshop B:
RRI and the current EU policy-landscape

Closing of Day 1



Voices from around the World
Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World

Session A
Democratic Horizons

Session B:
Tools for RRI – Observatory and Forum

Session C:
Participatory Approaches to RRI

RRI Open Space, DAY 2
How can RRI have global impact?

Workshop A:
Lessons from RRI in the Making

Workshop B:
RRI – Measuring the immeasurable: a critical approach between economy and responsibility

Round table:
RRI – Take home messages from plenaries and parallel workshops


Interviews from Responsibility Consortium partners

Interview Dr Akis Menevidis

Interview Dr Rohaya Mohd

Interview Giovanni Giambene

Interview Dr Sara Wilford

Interview Marina Jrotka


RRI Interviews with Experts

  • The UK Framework in Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT project has produced a video to provide a simple introduction to the idea. This video is now available here: Responsible Innovation in ICT
  • In the serie “RRI Interviews with Experts”, Progress Project interviewed some RESPONSIBILITY Team members:

Dr. Aki Menevidis

Prof. Rohaya Mohd

Prof. Philippe Goujon

They answer the following questions on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI):

1) What does RRI mean for you?; 2) Why is it important?; 3) For whom is it important?; 4) Does it remind you of any earlier concepts or ideas?; 5) How global a concept do you think RRI is?; 6) What needs to happen next?; 7) Anything else you want to add?



Videos from the RESPONSIBILITY pre-FORUM Workshop.February 11th 2014 in Brussels, Belgium

Welcome from Project Coordinator: Dr. Aki Zaharya Menevidis (Fraunhofer) available here.

Introduction by Dr. John Pearson, Université de Namur – RESPONSIBILITY Project. Presentation available here.

Keynote I. Prof. Arie Rip: “The Past and Future of RRI”. Presentation available here.

Keynote II.- Dr. Jeanette Hoffman: Internet Governance Forum. Presentation available here.

Note from Ms. Hilary Sutcliffe available here.

Note from Prof. María Amparo Grau Ruiz available here.

Note from Prof. Elisabet Garriga Cots available here.

Note from Prof. Prof. Jacqueline Broerse available here. Presentation “RRI Transforming Science” available here.

Note from Mr. Isidoros Karatzas available here.

Note from Prof. Adriana Schiopoiu Burlea available here.