“The RESPONSIBILITY project kicks-off” in Berlin the 19th February 2013 bringing together 13 partners from 7 EU and 3 non-EU Countries

Posted on: 10.02.2013

RRI_kick off Berlin

The RESPONSIBILITY Coordination Action project was launched on 1st February 2013 and it will run for 3 years. It aims to create a Forum and a virtual Observatory,which facilitates the network of stakeholders to adopt and diffuse a common understanding in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) between different actors in Europe and around the globe.

Indeed, in an increasingly globalized world, dedicated efforts should mainstream in order to engage stakeholders in an international cooperation for creating a common language for conducting and managing responsible research and innovation.

The RESPONSIBILITY consortium consists of 13 partners, from 7 EU and 3 non-EU countries. The Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionsanlagen und Konstruktionsanlagen IPK in Berlin is coordinating the project. The total budget of the RESPONSIBILITY project is estimated to reach the amount of approx. € 1, 77 M.

During the Kick – off meeting that was hosted by Fraunhofer Institute on the 19-21 February 2013 the RESPONSIBILITY partners drew the action list for the different work packages defining the details for the key deliverables of the project and especially the strategy for the optimum implementation of the Network, the Forum and the Observatory. In addition strategies were discussed and modern tools were assessed in order to disseminate the results of the project in the most efficient way.

Finally the RESPONSIBILITY partners discussed in-depth possibilities of expanding Cooperation with projects Great, Res-Agora and Progress especially on issues such as defining a common Glossary for RRI, bridging websites and information material and defining common dissemination approaches and organize events.