“Responsible Research and Innovation in Mining” Workshop in Santiago, Chile

Posted on: 10.04.2015

On 19th March 2015, the RESPONSIBILITY Consortium organised the workshop:

“Responsible Research and Innovation in Mining” , at the  Advanced Mining Technology Centre, Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas de la Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile.

RESPONSIBILITY Workshop, 19 March 2015, Chile

The workshop successfully managed to bring together various stakeholders from the mining industry that directly or indirectly play a role in promoting, practicing or propagating Responsible Research and Innovation in the context of mining industry and the EU approach to it.

Workshop Agenda: Responsible Research and Innovation in Mining


Coordinator’s Presentation of the Agenda and Procedure, Zaharya Menevidis – Responsibility   Presentation_Zaharya_Menevidis

RRI Application and Governance, Elena Tavlaki – Responsibility Presentation Elena Tavlaki

RRI Automation in mining industry, Javier Ruiz del Solar – AMTC Presentation Javier Ruiz del Solar

Mining in Chile: A platform for the future, Gonzalo Rivas – President CNIC Presentation Gonzalo Rivas Gomez

Continuous Conversion Reactor: Introduction/Problem/Current state of activities, Main Obstacles for Responsible Continuous Conversion, Leandro Voisin – AMTC Presentation Leandro Voisin

Resource efficiency: Effective Use of Water Introduction/Problem/Current state of activity. Main Obstacles for Responsible Water Management, Rodrigo Fuster – UCH, James McPhee – AMTC Presentation Rodrigo Fuster & James McPhee